Participating in CCA Education Delivery

Placement Partner:

Placement is a critical component of the education, connecting the student’s learning and evaluation required to meet entry-level competence within the CCA Scope of Practice. The education provider, placement site, mentor and student work collaboratively, to achieve a successful placement experience. This collaboration includes the coordination of all placements (skills development and mentorship), the scheduling of placements and evaluation.


The CCA Program is sequentially structured to create a progressive, significant learning experience for students including learning theory prior to developing skills in a controlled (lab) setting, and then applying the learning in the workplace setting. Placements allow the student to develop judgment and critical thinking skills through the integration of theory and practice.

Mentorship placements are comprised of three distinct placements which can be completed in the sequence collaboratively established by the education provider and the placement site. The first two scheduled placements allow the student to refine their skills while developing behaviours and competencies to practice safely in different settings. The final placement allows the student to demonstrate the behaviours and competencies at or above entry-level.

Although the mentorship schedule is not mandated to occur in a specific sequence, there are specific progress and evaluation expectations for the first, second and third or final placement in the sequence.

Students benefit from a supportive placement environment that encourages them to feel welcome, safe, valued, respected, and nurtured.

The continuous feedback provided by the instructor, placement site and mentor are instrumental in the development of a student’s competence. Evaluating the student performance requires an understanding of where they are in the program and the expectations for that placement (Student Proficiency). This understanding strengthens the authentic measurement of the student’s performance, which should occur daily and periodically; these evaluations should inform the overall evaluation for the placement.

There are a number of tools designed to support each partner in the placement process.

Education Partner: Employer/educator delivery

Employer/educator partnerships assist in recruitment and retention of CCAs, allowing an employer to showcase their organization while strategically meeting their CCA recruitment needs. Partnerships are a collaborative approach to delivering the CCA Program requiring commitment from the educator, employer, employees, and students. Successful partnerships separate the education from employment, allowing the student to learn and develop in a supported real-life environment.

Employer/educator programs are developed and implemented based on invitation by employers.

It's not a job, if you like what you’re doing, you learn and enjoy so much from the people you care for.