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Standards Compliance Assessment

The CCA Standard Compliance Assessment (SCA) licensing process documents the CCA Program Standards (CCA Program Curriculum Standards and supplementary documents) are delivered consistently throughout the province of Nova Scotia by licensed education providers. The CCA Program Standards include the learning outcomes and objectives, teaching and assessment strategies, and the conditions required to deliver the education. The Standards provide the framework for the consistent provincial delivery and the basis for the CCA Certification Exam. 


The goal of the SCA process is to increase the reliability of the Curriculum Standards being delivered consistently throughout the province of Nova Scotia.  Any education provider seeking a license to deliver the CCA Program must first successfully participate in the SCA licensing process. A license may be granted for one course intake to a maximum of five years depending on the results of the SCA.  Once a license is granted CCAPAC will continue to monitor the licensed provider and has an obligation to investigate indicators of non-compliance as required and, revise, or remove a license.


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