MENtorship Toolkit

Exciting News!

The CCA Mentorship Education Package has been revised.  You can access the new mentorship education materials below in Resources.  The self-lead education package is open for you and your mentors to complete in a format that works for you. 

Key deliverables of the revision included researching and adopting examples of excellence, aligning the education with a recognizing prior learning (RPL) approach, and embracing a self-directed approach. The resources section has been streamlined and the education structure provides opportunities for the participant to produce evidence of knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet mentorship competencies in a RPL approach.

The competency-based learning outcomes were modified to align with the new education approach. The content is now grouped into three modules.

  • Module 1: Understand the role of the mentor
  • Module 2: Demonstrate mentor competencies
  • Module 3: Demonstrate mentor accountability


The package includes “how to” directions for implementation, in the Administrative Guide. There is an exit point survey after the first module the participant can complete if the education/outcomes are not what the mentor expected (“Should I be a Mentor”), or they feel they do not fit the role. We ask you to send us the module/education evaluations (evaluations are available for each module). We have also included a certificate template you can issue to mentors who complete the education.


Admin Guide

Mentorship Interactive Workbook

Module 1 Evaluation Form

Module 2 Evaluation Form

Module 3 Evaluation Form

Certificate Template

Create the certificate with the editable PDF: issue to mentors who complete the education