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The Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Registry is a list of Certified CCAs and their counterparts in Nova Scotia. The purpose of the Registry is to improve workforce-planning data for the health-care system of the Province and to recognize the valuable role that Continuing Care Assistants fulfil in providing supportive health care to Nova Scotians.

The CCA Registry provides the opportunity for Certified CCAs and their counterparts to forge the way for professional recognition and to connect with relevant members of the industry.

The Continuing Care Assistants Registry Act making the Registry mandatory has been passed by the House of Assembly (April 2021). The Act and the requirement to register will not take legal effect until regulations have been developed and approved. These regulations will support implementation of the Act and development will include consultation with the continuing care sector, CCA employers and the relevant union representatives. This development work will be carried out in the months to come. 

The legislation will:

  • Replace the current voluntary registry
  • define CCA as an occupation
  • provide title protection to use “Certified Continuing Care Assistant”
  • require annual registration renewal
  • authorize the use of registration data for workforce planning
  • allow the DHW to designate an administrator
  • set out provisions for the administrator to verify an individual has completed certification and been assessed as having met learning requirements
  • establish which elements of the registry (i.e. name, status, registration number) must be public, and set out provisions related to compliance

Until the Act takes legal effect the CCA Registry remains voluntary. More information will be issued in early 2022. 


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