Writing the CCA Exam

Writing the CCA Certification Exam

The CCA Certification exam is an effective tool in validating the CCA exam candidates learning and determining their readiness for the workplace.

The exam is used to provide reasonable assurance to employers and the public that an individual who has passed the exam and gained CCA Certification has obtained the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform in a competent manner in accordance with the CCA Scope of Practice and Competency Framework. 

The Continuing Care Assistant Certification Exam Handbook contains the relevant information, policies, procedures, and documentation for candidates of the CCA Certification Exam.  As the exam candidate, it is your responsibility to understand the details outlined in the handbook.

CCA Exam Handbook

CCA Certification exam FAQ


Exam Forms

2024 Exam Re-Write Registration Form

Extension of Eligibility to Write Exam Form

Disability Related Exam Accommodation Forms (DREA)

DREA Policy

Education Provider Form

Student Form

Proctor Form

Exam Preparation Tools

Exam Preparation Tips

Tips for Answering Multiple Choice Questions

Practice Exam

Practice Exam Answer Key

Reinstatement to Exam Candidacy

Reinstatement of CCA Certification Exam Candidacy Process

Reinstatement of CCA Certification Exam Candidacy Application

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